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Stocks to buy with Anil Singhvi: Adani Port, Power Finance Corporation are Sanjiv Bhasin’s top recommendations

In a conversation with Zee Business Editor Anil Singhvi, market analyst Sanjiv Bhasin picked two stocks for high returns.

Talking about his top pick Adani Port, analyst Sanjiv Bhasin said that the latest news on the company’s activities in the container and warehouse segments will be very positive for the company as it will give permanence to the business in terms of activity. The stock should be bought in the range of Rs 750 to Rs 752 with a stop loss of Rs 738 and my first target would be Rs 770, and it can even reach Rs 775-780.

Watch the Zee Business live stream below:

On his next pick of the day, the IIFL Director of Securities said Power Finance Corporation would be his next pick because energy financiers will be the best because the cost of money is the most low. The shares should be bought with a stop loss of Rs 141.20 and a target of Rs 147-148. At 10:38 am, the stock is trading at Rs 143.15 per share with a gain of 0.85% on BSE.

He had also given a market strategy for October 13. For traders, today’s support zone on Nifty is 17,900-17,940, below 17,800-17,850 is a strong buy zone. The upper area for the day on Nifty is 18040-18090, above which 18140-18190 is a high profit booking area.

The daytime support zone on Bank Nifty is 38,175-38,350, below 37,925-38,125 is a strong buy zone. The upper area for the day on Bank Nifty is 38,600-38,750, above which 38,800-38,950 is a high profit reservation area.

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